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    L'aged'or.jpg (45513 octets)     THE GOLD AGE 2003


       DSC01634.JPG (330742 octets)  DSC01638.JPG (328678 octets)  DSC01639.JPG (330745 octets)

                 At the stand,   all the Lotus                                                  

     DSC01637.JPG (362661 octets)    DSC01635.JPG (361210 octets)    DSC01636.JPG (354310 octets)

               this GT40 belongs to a Lotus club member             

       DSC01640.JPG (345448 octets)  P1010096.JPG (728833 octets)

       an Elite          

       P1010093.JPG (698499 octets)  P1010091.JPG (624771 octets)  P1010089.JPG (670574 octets)
              this Lotus Europe with a good preparation participated to the race                                                       


            It was the end of a fantastic sunny weed end but  with an enormous traffic jam to go back