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We are in 1969 and our similar wedding, we had decided to honour this event by the purchase of a decent car. Then, a LOTUS EUROPE appeared to us to concretize our all dreams. We took appointment with the RR dealer of Neuilly who precisely sold his, a white S2.

At the wheel, amazement, but my parents dissuaded us (that was not serious according to them). And then the dream was finished for years (children, house, etc...). Nevertheless the desire quickly surfaced but this time, not as a main car but more as " la cerise sur le gâteau ". It was from then a long search interspersed with moments of discouragement. At last an advertisement was one day published concerning a car to be restored in the Paris region, but the first joy let quickly disillusion have one’s seat because the announced state was far from the which we had in front of our eyes. A beautiful morning, an eminent member of the Lotus club phoned me to tell me that he had just read the day before an advertisement apparently very interesting. The newspaper immediately bought, I took appointment for the evening with the salesman.

Arrived in front of its garage, fascination then disappointment because we weren’t first at the time and the other potential purchaser had already said yes. After rough discussion on the lotus’ state, my " adversary " put to doubt the good bargain and decided to take retreat and to wait the following day to confirm or to cancel its décision. Once time only with the owner my positive answer put a end to the deal which was concluded without testing the " machine ". The following week my lotus was in my garage and a meticulous inspection revealed that a part from the body and the frame, a lot of work was expected on the mechanical part. Well for leaving to go for a drive, it was necessary to roll up its handles and to deserve this famous lotus ! So began busy weekends with mechanic, tests and annoyances, in particular for registration. But after a few months, what a pleasure of being at the wheel, though always with an attentive monitoring ! (it’s a lotus).